Year: 2021.

Director: Mike Flanagan.

Hi there — I know. I lied. I didn’t write here once a week or even a month as promised. In fact, I really struggled to write this one. But I am here now and I have learned not to make promises I can’t keep…

Year: 2020

Director: Isaac Lee Chung

A brief note before we begin:

I have decided to start writing about cinema again. Beyond needing a helpful distraction from my very distracted life, I am doing this because I fear that I am slowly forgetting the language of cinema — the visual…

Year: 1999

Director: Tunde Kelani.


There has been a recent cultural focus on Old Nollywood, the golden era of Nigerian Video-On-Demand (VOD) films released during the 90s and early 00s. Young artists, curators and filmmakers are archiving, discussing and distorting themes, tropes and aesthetics from these films for contemporary…

Year: 2018.

Written and Performed by: Hannah Gadsby

I watch stand-up comedy to momentarily escape this hellscape; To laugh and release tension through a repeated routine of setup and punchline. …

If no one else is going to do it…

Avengers: Infinity War opened in cinemas worldwide last weekend and Thanos seems to have taken over our minds, our pockets and the internet. …



Something is happening in Nollywood. It is not yet some big v-for-vendetta style revolution but it is a creative movement that I feel we should be paying more attention to. It reminds me of another important film movement, the French New Wave…

Year: 1988

Dir: Katshuiro Otomo.

From time to time, I hear people say that anime/animation is for kids;That adults who enjoy them are simple-minded and need to grow up. It is wrong and honestly quite insulting. It is stupid to think that the use of a medium of storytelling can…

Year: 2007.

Dir: Andrew Dominik.

Whew! what a title. Also what a film!

The year 2007 was a great year for modern cinema. It gave us definitive cultural milestones like Coens’ No Country for Old Men and P.T. Anderson’s There will be Blood and cult classics like Fincher’s Zodiac. …

Year: 2014.

Dir: Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clement.

A string of terrible critic reviews and disappointing box office returns have led to the decline of the vampire genre in film and popular culture. …

Year: 2005.

Dir: Shane Black.

I saw The Hit-man’s Bodyguard last week and although I found the chemistry between Samuel L. Jackson and dynamic and entertaining, the hackneyed writing and shoddy execution of just about everything else made the film easily forgettable and a missed opportunity for the stars’ performances…

Tochukwu Ironsi

Writing about cinema mostly.

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